An illustrious career, marked with special mentions and accolades is not common in everyone’s life. Mike Patel has accomplished a lot already. Ever since his arrival in the USA to take his passion for soccer ahead, he has only achieved more. He has been in the news ever since he became the head of his chain of hotels, and he pioneered the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA).

His Newsworthy Achievements:
Mike Patel introduced the 12 points of fair franchising that has been a prototype in establishing good relations between franchisors and franchisees in the hotel industry. Fred Schwartz told the Franchise Times. “Mike did an excellent job of pushing it to the front-burner of everyone’s agenda.”

As a member of the Advisory Commission on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, he has been constantly working towards improving the quality of life of the Asian Americans.

He became a part of the Clinton Global Initiative and worked closely with the then US President Bill Clinton. He has worked towards rescue and rehab of the victims following the Gujarat earthquake.

In 2007, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair awarded Mike Patel with the Award for International Cooperation for improving the relationship between the UK and the USA.